2024 Rock County Impact Survey

Your opinion is Essential to Sound Policymaking in Rock County
- Authorized and paid for by Friends of Dennis Hilgendorf -


Taxes and the Operation of County Government1

When it comes to taxes, do you feel you pay:


Do you believe Rock County provides value for your tax dollars?


What improvements would you like to see made in how county government is run?


How often do you attend County Board meetings held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month?


As a county taxpayer, please specify your priority concerns (1-Highest Priority, 10-Lower Priority)


Do you need more information on any of these topics?

How often do you have contact with our county supervisor?

Did your Supervisor respond?

Were you satisfied with your Supervisor's response?


What do you see as important characteristics in the person who will represent you on our County Board? (Please select your top 3)

Do you believe your voice is being heard and your values respected by the Rock County Board as a whole?


At what level of spending do you think a public referendum vote should be held on higher-priced county capital projects?

Human Sex Trafficking

The Rock County Administrator's 2024 spending plan includes $900,000 to fight human trafficking, of which, $750,000 of this amount is being set to Walworth County, leaving only $150,000 for Rock County. Do you believe more of this money should be kept in Rock County?

To what extent do you believe human trafficking is a problem in Rock County?


Janesville's $50.3 Million Ice Arena

Do you support spending a projected $50.3 Million on Janesville's third tax-funded ice arena slated for construction at the Janesville Mall?

Do you believe supporters of the ice arena should pay for it themselves or should county taxpayers be forced to pay for this construction and on-going maintenance, that according to 5-year projection studies, will operate at an annual loss? there is a $500,000 provision in the proposed county budget for the ice areana that is in addition to the millions of dollars Janesville taxpayers will be forced to pay for this project.



Please provide your contact information: